A graphic illustration style has been developed that helps to strengthen our visual language through use in branding and communication. The shapes come from different aspects from the ocean and are thus closely linked to the whole identity and have an important function in building our visual world. It is therefore important that these are used as described in this chapter.

Illustration variants

There is four different kinds of illustrations; pliers, waves, kelp and currents.

NOW Illustrations Pliers


NOW Illustrations Waves


NOW Illustrations Kelp


NOW Illustrations Currents


Crop Versions

All the four different illistrations also comes with three different crops; wide, medium and close-up. There is also a possibility to use the separate elements alone as well.

NOW Illustrations Pliers Crop1

Crop Version 1

NOW Illustrations Pliers Crop2

Crop Version 2

NOW Illustrations Pliers Crop2 1

Crop Version 3

NOW Illustrations Pliers Crop4

Isolated Version

Color variants

All illustrations can be used in the three different color themes; blue, green and yellow — which also includes a dark, normal and bright mode.

For optimized contrast with the text, we can use the UI colors from the color palette here.

NOW Illustrations Blue1

Blue Dark Mode

NOW Illustrations Blue2

Blue Normal Mode

NOW Illustrations Blue3

Blue Bright Mode

NOW Illustrations Green1

Green Dark Mode

NOW Illustrations Green2

Green Normal Mode

NOW Illustrations Green3

Green Bright Mode

NOW Illustrations Yellow1

Yellow Dark Mode

NOW Illustrations Yellow2

Yellow Normal Mode

NOW Illustrations Yellow3

Yellow Bright Mode

Animated variants